Carolyn McLeod, PhD, is a philosopher with expertise in applied ethics, feminist philosophy, and moral philosophy. Her research centres on the nature of moral concepts such as trust, autonomy, and conscience, and also on pressing issues in public policy. She has a particular interest in policy matters that concern the creation or dissolution of families with children. Among her relevant publications are those that discuss the provision and use of medically assisted reproduction, parental licensing or vetting, conscientious objections by health care professionals to provide reproductive services (e.g., abortions), or reproductive justice for marginalized women or girls.  

McLeod has been directly involved in policy-making and public debate in Canada on topics that concern her research, including the right of health care professionals to make conscientious objections, public funding for in vitro fertilization, and improvements to our adoption systems. Some of her work on adoption occurs in her capacity as Chair of the Board of Directors for Ontario‚Äôs Adoptive Parents Association

McLeod's training in feminist philosophy informs all of her research, teaching, and policy efforts. She's deeply committed to bringing a feminist lens to the subjects she studies and to mentoring the next generation of feminist philosophers and bioethicists. 


Photo: A. Botterell