My teaching involves courses at both the undergraduate and graduate levels, and supervision of graduate students and postdoctoral researchers. 

For the 2018-19 academic year, I taught two undergraduate courses: Phil 2720G: Professional Ethics and WS 2259F: Reproducing Race: Race, Reproduction, Parenting, and Families. And I led two graduate seminars: Phil 9114A: Trust and Testimony and WS 9571B: Feminist Bioethics

Graduate and postdoctoral supervision is an important part of my teaching. I have supervised, or am currently supervising, projects that concern medically assisted or unassisted reproduction, adoption, gender, race, public health, trust or related concepts, autonomy or related concepts, moral responsibility, fiduciary relationship, and harmful speech.

Below is a partial list of my supervisees.

PhD (completed):

Veromi Arsiradam, Philosophy, Western. A Duty to Adopt? On the Ethics and Politics of Adoption, defended August 2018. Currently a student in the JD program at Osgoode Hall law school. 

Emma Ryman, Philosophy, Western. Fiduciary Duties and Commercial Surrogacy, defended August 2017. Currently a student in the JD program at the University of Toronto law school.

Stephanie Kapusta, co-supervised with R. Vernon, Philosophy, Western. Contesting Gender Concepts, Norms, and Language: Three Critical Essays on Political and Ethical Aspects of Gender Non-Conformity, defended August 2015. Currently Assistant Professor, tenure track, in the Department of Philosophy at Dalhousie University.

Reuven Brandt, Philosophy, Western. Gamete Provision and Moral Responsibility, defended January 2015. Currently Assistant Professor, tenure track, in the Department of Philosophy, UC San Diego; formerly, Research Associate in Ethics, Lancaster University (January 2015-17).

Angel Petropanagos, Philosophy, Western. Fertility Preservation Technologies for Women: A Feminist Ethical Analysis, defended May 2013. Currently a full-time clinical ethicist at the William Osler Health System, Toronto, Canada; formerly, a postdoctoral researcher at NovelTech Ethics, Dalhousie University.

Katy Fulfer, co-supervised with H. Fielding, Philosophy, Western. Hannah Arendt and Feminist Agency, defended December 2012. Currently Assistant Professor, tenure track, in the Department of Philosophy at Waterloo University; formerly (2013-16), Sophia M. Libman NEH Professor of the Humanities, Hood College.

select MA (completed):

Hale Doguoglu, Philosophy, Western. "Intergenerational Trauma, Oppression, and the Nature of Distrust," August 2018. Currently doing her PhD in Women's Studies at Western. 

Meghan Landriault, Philosophy, Western. “Northern Women’s Health Care: A Case for Participatory Health Research,” August 2017.

Nicole Fice, Philosophy, Western. "Harm and Mandatory Vaccination,” August 2016. Currently doing her PhD in Philosophy at Western.

Chloe Wall, Philosophy, Western. “Second Guessing: Imposter Syndrome and Epistemic Injustice,” August 2015. Currently a PhD student and Commonwealth Scholar at Otago University.

Nanette Ryan, Philosophy, Western. “The Nature of Betrayal,” August 2013. Currently a PhD student at Georgetown University.